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Biometrics Technologies, Inc. has a solid foundation with scientific professional, is established in 2013. Our company has successfully developed a several of high-tech products with patented technology. With strong R&D and expert management team, Biometrics products are a good reputation and advanced designing for the clinical diagnosis and life science. To ensure premium quality, business processes and quality control strictly follow up the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Biometrics Technologies, Inc. is entrusted to bring the Innovative Solution including the creation of new technology. We have built up the business channels to oversea countries such as Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Korea, Middle East, Oceania, Europe and so on. Mostly of our products are designed with RoHS complied and CE marked.

Our products focused on:

Biological Sample Preparation Systems:
Homogenizer system
Molecular Biological Instruments:
PCR Thermal Cycler & Real-time PCR
Micro-volume Spectrophotometer
Microplate Reader
Blue & White Light Transilluminator
Gel Documentation System
Reagent Kits:
Homogenizer buffer kits
Nucleic acid Isolation kits
PCR Reagent kits
Laboratory Apparatus:
High Speed Centrifuge and Refrigerated Centrifuge
Mini Centrifuge
Dry Bath Incubator
Mini Vortex
Electrophoresis System
Analytical Intruments:
UV-VIS instrument
Microwave Digestion System
Moisture Analyzer